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HMRC faces requests for income tax refunds

Income tax refunds

In the tax year 2018/19 around 460,000 requests were made to HMRC for refunds on overpaid income tax, according to an FOI request by the insurance company Royal London. The repayment values totalling £5.1billion made to individuals, made up of refunds made to individuals and for personal pension contributions and although individual taxpayers were refunded … Read more

Highest UK taxes since 1950’s

UK Taxes highest

It is reported that we are seeing Highest UK Taxes since 1950’s with a staggering 7% increase. In the 1950s taxes accounted for just under a third of GDP at 27.5% which was £5.8bn, since then tax revenue rose to £627.9bn in 2018-19. This is forecast to rise in 2019-20 to £757bn, equivalent to a … Read more