COVID-19 support for businesses

Support for businesses covid-19

The government have distributed £12.3 billion to local authorities so they can support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. As of 19th April 2020, £6 billion had been paid out to 484,166 business properties. The Small Business Grants Fund is a £10,000 grant per eligible business, originally announced at Budget. Businesses included in this scheme are … Read more COVID-19 support for businesses

Limited Company Directors Support COVID-19

Limited company directors support COVID-19

With the support for Self-employed and the job retention scheme for employees, limited company directors could get caught in a gap between the two schemes. This group contains contractors, consultants and other off payroll workers whose services to an organisation are provided through a limited company or a personal services company. With the norm being … Read more Limited Company Directors Support COVID-19

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