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Tax credits packs to be issued

tax credits renewal

About 2.1 million tax credits customers will begin to receive their annual renewal packs from HMRC. The packs will be sent between 25 April and 27 May, and customers have until 31 July to check their details are correct and update HMRC if there has been a change in their circumstances. Tax credits help working … Read more

One month to switch

One month to switch

HMRC customers have one month to switch their Post Office card account. 7,500 tax credits, Child benefit and Guardian Allowance receivers have just one month left to switch from their Post Office card accounts. HMRC will stop making payments into these accounts after April 5th 2022. Those currently receiving these benefits will need to notify … Read more

Working Tax Credit customers

Working tax credits

HMRC urges Working Tax Credit customers to check if they need to update their working hours if they have been reduced due to Coronavirus. During the pandemic, working tax credit customers did not need to inform HMRC about temporary reductions to their working hours. For example they had been furloughed. If a Working Tax Credit … Read more

Tax Credits Renewals

tax credits renewal

HMRC will be sending out 2.5 million tax credits renewals packs from this week. Tax credits customers should check the details and report any change in circumstances to HMRC. The packs will be sent out within the next 6 weeks and all should of received them by 4th June 2021. HMRC recognises that many tax … Read more

Tax Credits Renewal 2020

Tax Credits renewal 2020

Time to Renew Tax Credits HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is reminding tax credits customers that they need to tell HMRC about any changes in their circumstances or income by 31 July. Tax credits help working families with targeted financial support so it is important that people don’t miss out on money that they are entitled to. Renewing tax credits online is quick … Read more

Child Benefit

Child Benefit

What is Child Benefit and how does it work? You receive child benefit if you’re responsible for bringing up a child who is: Under 16 Under 20 and in approved education or training Child Benefit is paid every 4 weeks and there is no limit on the number of children that can be claimed for. … Read more

Help to Save Scheme

local accountant

HMRC reveal statistics on Help to Save Scheme which show that more than 132,000 Help to Save account holders are eligible for bonuses which total £14 million. So far over 132,000 people are signed up to the savings scheme which is Government backed, and more than £31.4 million has been deposited. What is the scheme? … Read more

Tax Credits Renewal

tax credits renewal

With just seven days to go until the Tax Credits renewal deadline on the 31st July, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is urging customers to renew their tax credits – or their payments will stop. Tax credits help working families with targeted financial support and more than 1,301,072 customers have already renewed. But 760,157 still … Read more