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Reporting Expenses and Benefits

The deadline for reporting any P11D Expenses and Benefits in Kind is 6 July 2022.

These should be filed electronically to HMRC using either commercial payroll software or HMRC’s PAYE Online service.

It is imperative these form are received on time as they influence how much employees are taxed. Penalties will be issued for P11D, P11D(b) expenses and benefits that are submitted after the deadline.

The P11D(b) tells HMRC the employers class 1A National Insurance Contributions due on all employees expenses and benefits which have been provided to employees both through the payroll and via P11D forms submitted.

If no expenses and benefits have been paid to employees (but HMRC have issued a notice to file a P11D, P11D(b) then a declaration ‘No return of Class 1A National Insurance Contributions’ should be filed.

How to pay Class 1A National Insurance Contributions

Payments can be made online providing the correct reference number is used. This is the Accounts Office Reference number plus the numerals 2113 at the end. Do not leave any space between the numbers.

If paying at a bank or via cheque then ensure the correct payslip is used (it is pre-printed with the reference). This will ensure the payment is allocated correctly.

If you have further questions on the reporting of expenses and benefits contact AJR & Co Ltd