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Minimum Wage Increase April 2022

The National Minimum Wage is due to increase as of the 1st April 2022. This increases each year but how much you’re entitled to depends on your age and if you are an apprentice.

To qualify for the National Minimum Wage you must be of school leaving age.

To qualify for the National Living Wage you must be aged 23 or above, minimum wage applies for workers 22 and under.

Current Minimum Wage rates

and over
21-22 18-20 Under
April 2021 (current rate)£8.91£8.36£6.56£4.62£4.30
April 2022 (new rate)£9.50£9.18£6.83£4.81£4.81


The apprentice rate applies if under 19 years of age or aged 19 and over but in the first year of the apprenticeship.

If the apprentice is aged 19 or over and has completed the first year of their apprenticeship then the minimum wage rate applies.

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