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AJR & Co Ltd Online portal

In 2019 AJR & Co Ltd took the decision to launch an online portal. We would like to take this chance to briefly explain the benefits for those clients yet to sign up.

The online portal is great for keeping all the documents in one place – no more trawling through your inbox looking for emails recieved.

View documents instantly – the system automatically send out an email to let you know what has been uploaded and when. No more waiting for the postman.

Update your details anytime – If you have moved to a new address or changed your phone number you can update the details in the portal, we are notified of any changes made and everyone is kept in the loop.

Complete forms online – Self-assessment forms can be filed in online, no more printing checklists of dealing with temperamental word documents.

Deadlines – view a list of deadlines for the services we provide anytime you need to.

GDPR Compliant – If a document includes your name, address and phone number then its a requirement that we follow GDPR procedures. An email can pass through several servers as it is sent and received and without encryption could be intercepted. Our portal is fully GDPR compliant therefore you can securely share documents.

If you need login details please contact Rachel