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Personal Affairs Checklist

What is the Personal Affairs Checklist?

The Personal Affairs Checklist (PAC) is a document produced to help you
keep a concise record of your personal affairs and papers. Investing a little time now
to complete the PAC could save your spouse, partner, relatives or friends a great deal
of time and expense in the future.

Who is the PAC for?

The PAC is for everybody, It is organised in three sections
Section 1 gives information e.g. key advisers, location of your will etc which might be
needed quickly
Section 2 covers your financial affairs: bank accounts, insurance policies, other assets
Section 3 covers other general information e.g. employment record, membership of
clubs etc

The form is designed to meet many needs. You may need only fill in those parts that are
relevant to you.

What do I do with the completed Personal Affairs Checklist?

The completed form will contain confidential information which should not be left
lying around. We recommend that either:

You keep the form somewhere safe, maybe in your bank or with your accountant or

You give the form to someone you trust to hold in a safe place.

What is the difference between the PAC and my will?

The PAC is not a Will and should not contain instructions about what should be done with
your money or possessions. It is a rcord of where your key personal records, assets and
papers can be located.

If you would like a free PAC checklist contact AJR & Co Ltd