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Springtime tax scams target young and vulnerable warns HMRC

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are warning young adults, the vulnerable and the elderly to be vigilant against springtime tax scams offering a tax refund. Fraudsters regularly target taxpayers by email and text pretending to be from HMRC .Stating that a tax refund is owed. With April and May being ranked as the peak period as the fraudsters aim is to coincide with the legitimate rebates processed by HMRC.

How the springtime tax scams work

  • Email is the most common way of contact especially for tax rebate scams. The scammers encourage personal and bank details to be provided through a link to a fake website which they then use to harvest your information.
  • Similarly text messages containing false claims whilst suggesting that a tax refund could be due therefore to follow a link in order to claim are sent likewise to harvest personal information.

What to do if you suspect a tax scam·

  • Don’t give out any private information, do not download links or reply to text messages.·
  • Suspicious emails can be forwarded to HMRC at, text messages to 60599.· Contact Action Fraud to report financial loss or for further advice.
  • Examples of phishing/bogus emails can be found at here

Finally HMRC will never contact you by text or by email if you are due a tax rebate.

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