Business Clients

We’ll work with you to develop a defined, clear and measurable strategy.

What We Offer Business Clients?

When you’re busy running a business, we know it can be hard to step away from the day-to-day management to focus on your overriding goals and aspirations; where you are now, where you want to be in the future and how you can get there.

Besides accounting services for businesses we also offer business advisory services. Whether you’re looking for regular input or help with a one-off project we’ll work with you to develop a defined, clear and measurable strategy to help you plan for success and keep you on track when it comes to achieving your goals.

From ambitious start-ups to established businesses, our advice is always tailored and flexible for companies across all sectors and of all sizes. All clients will have direct contact with us and we know we will become a valued member of your team.

Diversification is not a decision to be taken lightly so our team will undertake a careful review of your business to assess its strengths and identify weaknesses to ensure the risks have been considered and their manageability assessed.

Raising finance can bring your business plans to life, whether you’re aiming for growth, acquisition or management buyout. We can match you with active financiers, as well as helping you prepare a business plan, proposal and projections. When looking to capital raise your finances need to be in order which why it is essential to be able to trust your accountant.

Improving the profitability of your company continues to be a challenge for all businesses. By undertaking a review of your business we'll assess what can be done to streamline operations and improve your business model.

We work with many start-up ventures, assisting with everything from the initial set up, managing compliance requirements and providing valuable insights that will allow you to unlock the potential of your business.

Whether you are looking to expand your business through acquisition, dispose of your business ahead of retirement or are looking for additional finance, a carefully considered due diligence exercise will identify any concerns, and provide transactional insights that will be invaluable in the negotiation process. In our competitive economic climate, where the ramifications of poor decisions can be felt long after the ink has dried on the contract, the costs of failing to undertake due diligence can soon escalate and impact the sustainability of your business. Having completed numerous transactions on buy as well as sell side, our team can agree the scope of work, plan and execute the due diligence exercise that will prove essential in your decision making process.

Vendor Due Diligence

If you are looking to sell your business in the short to medium term, preparation is key. Undertaking an independent assessment of your business prior to taking it to market is central to maximising the value of your company. An early review of your business, its risks, its controls and the identification of any unforeseen liabilities will enable those matters to be rectified prior to sale. Not only will this provide a level of comfort as to the value being sought, but it will also minimise disruption throughout the deal process if such issues are addressed upfront.

Acquisition Due Diligence

With so many factors to consider when acquiring a new business, commissioning a due diligence report will prove invaluable and should be high on your list of priorities. Not only will it identify any risks associated with the target company, it will cement your commercial rationale for the proposed acquisition. Additionally, it will also provide negotiating power throughout the deal process as well as providing a platform for post-acquisition integration.

Have you ever asked yourself whether your business can afford a larger office, another warehouse or do you want to expand your team? Can your business invest in new technology or equipment? You may want to invest in training, but it could feel like an expensive luxury.

Whatever your plans for growth, expansion or recovery may be our performance monitoring service allows us to analyse your business data and financials to create various customisable scenarios unique to your plans and circumstances. Giving you valuable insight when you need it most.

We can present the reality of how your organisation is functioning and ultimately if you can afford to implement your plans. Regular comprehensive reporting and forecast modelling, can be an essential tool to help you make better more confident decisions.

Regular Performance Monitoring to suit your Budget

Our core focus is to be able to help organisations become more efficient and successful. Performance monitoring can sound complicated and expensive but we are always happy to offer tailored options to suit your specific needs as well as your budget.

AJR & Co provide a comprehensive and easy to understand monthly, quarterly or annual management reporting suite that - depending on your requirements – can include:

  • Forecast Modelling
  • Cash-flow
  • Budgeting
  • Financial & Non-Financial KPIs
  • Trend Analysis
  • Tax Planning
  • Scenario Planning
  • Specific Project/Fund Analysis
  • HR Reporting