Expanding Businesses

We can help to guide you through the expansion process.

What We Offer Businesses Looking To Grow?

Expanding a business is an exciting time, this means your initial business plan has come to fruition and you’re now ready to grow. This however can also be a risky time, involving expenditure and a lot of planning.

Our practical experience running our own businesses means we can help to guide you through the expansion process. We can review your business to ensure that it is prepared to expand, conduct operational reviews, assist with all elements of financing, monitor and measure your KPIs, assist with mergers and acquisitions and provide valuable advice to support an international expansion. We will work closely with you to ensure that everything goes as planned, providing valuable advice and insights along the way.

Our clients know we are valuable growth partners because we have helped our clients with one if not multiple of the following aspects:

  • Access to marketing
  • People management strategies
  • Growing and developing the team.
  • Outsource financial management of the company
  • Performance monitoring
  • Management accounts and reviews
  • Sourcing non-executive directors (board advisors)
  • Putting the right team in place
  • Restructuring
  • Raising Finance